Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

For around 6 months I was suffering flu like symptoms, fatigue and I had just about lost my voice. The prescribed antibiotics and steroids were having no affect. From my first appointment with Nuala Sammon she diagnosed me with a virus and over the next couple of visits treated my symptoms. Within 4/5 weeks I was back to full health. I have recommended Nuala and Kinesiology to family and friends who were suffering with various health issues – all have benefited from her treatment. From her professional approach to her understanding and friendly manner, I cannot recommend her enough.


My  family and I have been clients of Nuala’s for a long number of years now and the main reason for that is because, we ALWAYS get results!  Nuala has an incredible ability of finding and treating the root cause of whatever problem we present with, and together with her advice and our commitment to follow through, we always get a positive outcome, some of them have been immediate!

Nuala has a very calming and professional energy about her and from the moment any of us arrive, we always feel incredibly comfortable and safe.  She goes above and beyond to nurture your needs and get you to a place of health.  I feel my words don’t do enough justice to what Nuala offers in her practice.  I highly recommend Nuala and her work.

Eimear Hendrick

Was absolutely delighted to have found Nuala .
After exhausting all medical fields test endless appointments
during a time to which I was very sick . Nuala very kindly and professional
discovered what was causing me to be so ill with expert knowledge she guided me to the full of my health cannot recommended her enough it has changed my life


I first attended Nuala in 2018 seeking help with a health issue that had my doctor baffled. I had no experience of kinesiology before that but it definitely proved to be the route that led to success where conventional medicine had failed. Nuala looked at the whole picture  when she was treating me and not just at the symptoms I presented with. She was thorough and precise in assessing my situation and clearly has great expertise in the area of nutrition and natural medicine. Most importantly she listened to me without judgment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nuala and the Natural Health Practice to anyone who feels a fresh perspective will help them with their health issues. They will not be disappointed.


I have been attending The Natural Health Practice with Nuala for kinesiology for the last 3 years. I have an underlying illness which was never an issue while receiving treatment with Nuala. I have suffered with hay-fever and allergies for a long time and Nuala’s treatments and remedies have helped improve them greatly. If I ever feel unwell Nuala is always only a phone call away and can always give great advice on treatments to get better.


After a serious illness and subsequent anxieties, I visited the Natural Health Practice. Nuala worked with me through this time, providing coping mechanisms and natural remedies. This has greatly helped me rebuild my body and mind. Nuala’s understanding and knowledge of what is required for the body to heal itself is exceptional. She is professional, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. Invest in yourself with the Natural Health Practice, you wont look back.

M. Ruth

Cough – I had a persistent cough for 40 years. Over the years  I received  xrays, steroid medication, antibiotic therapy which would help it ease but never totally went away. Last September I attended the Natural Health Practice.  Nuala found the root cause of my problem and my cough cleared completely by November. I had also been taking Difene tablets for recurring shoulder pain for many years and I am no longer needing these. I would highly recommend the Natural Health Practice.


Digestive issues / Sinus – Nuala I wanted to let you know my digestive system feels great now and I have very little sinus problems. I look forward to your continued service. Thanks so much.


Urticaria – Nuala I wanted to thank you for your hard work and support. I feel great now, my skin is now completely clear and my joints feel a lot better. I am so thankful to you.


Gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD): I attended kinesiology with Nuala without really knowing much about it. I had terrible problems with my digestion and my oesophagus was totally inflamed. I felt full all the time and had terrible reflux and discomfort. Doctors could really find no solution and test after test came up with nothing.  Their only solution was to take double the medication they prescribed. One doctor even told me i would just have to live with it, which was very upsetting. I visited Nuala at the end of my tether, frustrated, uncomfortable and totally drained. Nuala instantly reassured that she could help! I was amazed with the results. After about a week I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself! I didn’t need daily reflux medication never mind double!!! I made very minimal dietary changes advised my Nuala and took the remedies which made a huge difference! The physical relief I felt was unbelievable, I very quickly felt “normal” and i could enjoy eating again. I didn’t realise how much energy it took to feel so uncomfortable every day! I’m very happy i gave Nuala and kinesiology a try because it has made a huge difference to my life!

Amanda, Gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

I went to Nuala after a recommendation from Mrs Bees Health Shop in Gorey . I had broke out in a rash and bruising all over my body and after been to caredoc the doctors twice and two different hospitals , I was at my wits end . A couple of days after attending Nuala’s practice and getting my natural remedies , I felt so much better and the rash disappeared . She not only helped with that problem but also my anxiety . I would highly recommend Nuala .


Nuala has been a great help for me. My lungs and breathing is so much better and I am walking 5-11km a day now. Thanks Nuala.


I visited Nuala in January of 2019, with a list of symptoms had been having them on and off for years, but really bad the 2 years previous to this. Nuala truly cares about what you need and she went above and beyond to make sure I hand all the information on how Kinesiology worked. With cutting wheat from my diet and some natural remedies I haven’t looked back. Two years later and I’m still feeling great. I would highly recommend  Nuala to anyone , fantastic at what she does.

Lisa O Brien

Hormone Balance: My consultant recommended that I should see a kinesiologist and didn’t really know what to expect. I have a  number of medical issues (endometriosis /sinus/pain/low energy level & recovering from surgery). Upon meeting Nuala she very much made me feel at ease.  It has been 15 months since my initial consultation and my life has changed dramatically. My diet, energy levels, sleep pattern, feeling of self worth and a bonus effect quite an impressive weight loss has been the result. Nuala as a practitioner is empathetic, knowledgeable and you feel like you are being given the “5 star/Red carpet treatment” with every meeting/communication. I have never had a more caring health professional in my life!

Karen G, Hormone Balance

I have had Nuala as my kinesiologist for a little over a year. I decided to make an appointment as a friend had described their experience and improvements so I took the plunge! While I didn’t have medical issues persae I did/do have hypertension; sinus infections which led to frequent chest infections; stressed; restless legs at bedtime and a few other sundry aches and pains. I went to the appointment with an open mind to see how I could improve my quality of life, which is my goal, and I am now a vastly different person. I am less stressed and much more relaxed, very few aches and pains, sinuses – an occasional problem as distinct from a few times a year being on antibiotics and steroid sprays. Dietary changes and guidance has also resulted in me losing 2 and a half stone, it was something I have tried to do most of my adult life but with every loss came a rapid gain, the changes that Nuala is guiding me through have given me a new lease and hold on life and my future wellness. Change is what you make of it, but when you have a professional like Nuala who’s knowledgeable, supportive and pro active it’s an easier process by far!

Sorcha Kelly

Hormones: After leaving hospital to recover from a salpingo oophorectomy, I was diagnosed with extensive chronic stage 4 Endometriosis.  I didn’t know why this had happened, or what to do about it.  The debilitating pain kept my body from doing what my mind wanted to do.  I was very fortunate to get Nuala Sammon’s number, after hearing about her excellent reputation as a powerful health practitioner in Kinesiology, nutrition, wellbeing and all the rest!

Nuala was immediately, reassuring, calming and positive, taking me into the healing journey that was facing me.  Her three hundred and sixty degree approach made great sense.  Gut health, adrenal health, thyroid health, cardiovascular health, reproductive hormone metabolism, wellbeing and stress hormone health were some of the treatments recommended by her to heal and ease my pain, inflammation and bloating, balance my emotional health and improve my mood.

After a few months with Nuala, my pain is almost gone.  My quality of life has improved and is better than it was before I had surgery.  Because of this progress, I am looking forward to meeting my surgeon and hearing that I don’t need further surgery or removal of my uterus.

As for Nuala, I will always have her as my go-to if anything flares up again. Nuala, I am very grateful for the tools you have equipped me with to live a life with endometriosis, and I will always appreciate your knowledge, empathy, experience and professionalism.

Niamh, Hormones

Baby Rash / Skin problems:

Ronan’s skin problems / rash started when we  started him  on solids. Doctors prescribed steroids but he was allergic to them. We went to see Nuala Sammon in the Natural Health Practice in February 2018 when Ronan was 8 months old to try identify the root cause of the skin problem. As I was breast feeding at the time Nuala tested Ronan and  advised me to remove dairy, wheat, soya, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes from both of our diets. Nuala recommended some New Vistas supplements to help heal Ronans digestive system. The healing results were amazing. The photos are March, April, August, & September. Ronan is now a happy and healthy little boy. We are truly blessed!


Kim Gregan Fitzgerald, Baby Rash / Skin problems

I started with Nuala last November and can honestly say she is just amazing with her knowledge and experience. I have noticed a huge difference in myself from when I started to now. I finally have gotten my Endometriosis and bowel/digestive issues under control. I have little or no pain in some of my symptoms I would of stated at the start. I am really pleased I met Nuala and she has been so helpful to me, she goes above and beyond to help you. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Maeve Tyrrell

My gynaecologist referred me to Nuala after a diagnosis of stage 4 endometriosis and ongoing distressing physical and emotional symptoms. Nuala was incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring and empathic from the start. She devised a personalised nutrition plan and healthy living programme for me to follow as well as recommending natural remedies and supplements to take. She explained everything really well and gave me lots of information and support as I made the changes. Within a couple of months, I had noticed a huge difference, I felt calmer, was less stressed and bloated and my energy had started to increase. Within 5 months, I felt better than I had in years! Nuala gave me some control back over my health and well-being. I can’t thank her enough. My quality of life is much improved and I intend to keep seeing Nuala periodically to help me keep well. Thanks Nuala!

I attended a few sessions with Nuala regarding my depression and anxiety last year. She really helped me figure out what my body needed and she taught me exercises on how to calm the mind. The drops she recommended for me really helped in my recovery process. 
I cannot thank her enough for helping and supporting me during that dark moment in my life.

I first seen Nuala in June 2021 seeking help for problems with my digestive system suffering with hashimotos disease and an under active thyroid. I had constant pains in my stomach, bloating, chronic constipation, aches and pains in my joints, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, infertility, reflux and brain fog. The list goes on.

After just two weeks I noticed a big difference in how I was feeling and after just a few short weeks all my symptoms had either improved or completely gone. Three months on and I can honestly say I feel great with hardly any symptoms.

I continue to see Nuala and look forward to every appointment. I cannot recommend Nuala enough. I have been unwell for years only getting worse as time went on.
I seen GPs, consultants, A & E visits etc and this is the first time I have had relief from my symptoms. I feel so lucky to have had Nuala recommended to me she is not only amazing at what she does she is honestly a lovely human being! Thanks always Nuala. X